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May 23

Quite the Women

Written by  Falasha

Being a women in ministry is not an easy thing, and sad to say but we have a lot of bad examples in church today.  Instead of divas we need humble women who are willing to serve even if they receive no public recognition.  Instead of control freaks we need leaders who will wash the feet of their daughters and push them to greatness while modeling sacrifice. Instead of flirts, we need mature women of faith that have crucified there flesh and adolescent fantasies.  Rather than flakes who are tossed around by spiritual fads, we need discerning mothers who love biblical truth more than charismatic goosebumps.  Rather than feminists, we need women who have resolved their issue with men and are willing to partner with them on equal footing.  Rather then victims we need women in ministry who are emotionally healthy.

Don't be discouraged if you see yourself in any of these categories for I myself fall into a few, If you are called to leadership, God will guide the preparation process and He will bring mentors and positive role models in our life's to challenge and encourage us, if we allow the Holy Spirit to shape our character we will end up being the good example our churches are waiting to see.



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